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I Didn't Know You Could Do That Using SQL
Paul Tuohy

*Thursday* September 29th 2016

Paul Tuohy

Casey's Restaurant and Bar
415 E. North Avenue (IL-64), East of I-355
Lombard IL

5:00 Registration
5:30 Dinner
6:00 Presentation

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You have started to master SQL but you have a sneaky suspicion that there might be more to it.

In this session you will learn valuable and time saving techniques with SQL that let you avoid writing code. You will learn how to use SQL Subquery or Subselect in an SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or CREATE TABLE statement to reference multiple tables without having to do a join of the tables involved. You will see how to use CASE and UNION statements, Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and where to use Full Outer Join and Hidden Time Stamp columns.

This session requires a basic understanding of relational database concepts and SQL.

Paul Tuohy

Paul Tuohy, author of Re-engineering RPG Legacy Applications and The Programmer's Guide to iSeries Navigator, is one of the most prominent consultants and trainer/educators for application modernization and development technologies on the IBM Midrange. He currently holds positions as CEO of ComCon, a consultancy firm based in Dublin, Ireland, and founding partner of System i Developer, the consortium of top educators who produce the acclaimed RPG & DB2 Summit conference. Previously, he worked as IT Manager for Kodak Ireland Ltd. and Technical Director of Precision Software Ltd.

In addition to hosting and speaking at the RPG & DB2 Summit, Paul is an award-winning speaker at COMMON, COMMON Europe Congress and other conferences throughout the world. His articles frequently appear in System i NEWS, iSeries Experts Journal, The Four Hundred Guru, RPG Developer and other leading publications.

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The event will be held at Casey's Restaurant and Bar at 415 E. North Avenue (IL-64), East of I-355 in Lombard, IL

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