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  OMNI Technical Conference 2017
  IBM Commercials
  OMNI Technical Conference 2016
  OMNI Dinner Meeting Presentations
  OMNI NewsLetters
  OMNI 2011 Technical Conference
  OMNI DoE 2010 Presentations

IBM Commercials

  i5_Laughing Boardroom-Automatic
  i5_Laughing Boardroom-Covered
  i5_Laughing Boardroom-People
  I Am The Man
  ThrillingAdventures1_Round2 Radio Ad
  ThrillingAdventures2_Round2 Radio Ad
  It Exists (caution LARGE file)
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Omni Technical Conference 2017

  Scott Forstie & Tim Rowe - Watson Talks to IBM i (11.8 MB .pdf)
  Scott Forstie - What's New in Db2 for i (2.5 MB .pdf)
  Tim Rowe - What is Modernization on IBM i (13.5 MB .pdf)
  Jim Buck - Failure to Modernize - The Real Cost (14.6 MB .pdf)
  Pete Massiello - Cool things in Navigator to be a RockStar System Administrator (5.1 MB .pdf)
  Scott Forstie - Hidden Gems of IBM i (4.3 MB .pdf)
  Tim Rowe - Learn to Fly with RDi (4.9 MB .pdf)
  Barbara Morris - What's new for RPG in 7.3 and later TRs (2.5 MB .pdf)
  Pete Massiello - Tips and Tricks to improve system performance and save disk space (2 MB .pdf)
  Scott Forstie - Db2 for i - Row and Column Access Control (1.1 MB .pdf)
  Tim Rowe - IBM i and the World of Mobile (2.2 MB .pdf)
  Barbara Morris - Deep dive into RPG free-form (669 KB .pdf)
  Pete Massiello - Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Virtual i Partitions Hosted by IBM i (3.7 MB .pdf)
  Scott Forstie & Tim Rowe - What's new in IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) (5.7 MB .pdf)
  Jim Buck - So Now What? Using IWS Server and Service programs (3.7 MB .pdf)
  Barbara Morris - Working with null-capable fields in RPG (2 MB .pdf)
  Pete Massiello - What you need to know to do successful IBM i upgrades to 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 (4.4 MB .pdf)
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Omni Technical Conference 2016

  Steve Will IBM i 7.3 Overview (34 MB .pdf)
  Scott Klement Working with JSON in RPG with YAJL (400 KB .pdf)
  Scott Klement Providing RPG Web Services on IBM i (4 MB .pdf)
  Scott Klement What's New and Exciting in ILE RPG slides (400 KB .pdf) and feature release chart (51 KB .pdf)
  Charlie Guarino From STRPDM to RDi (4 MB .pdf)
  Charlie Guarino From STRDBG to the RDi Debugger (4 MB .pdf)
  Charlie Guarino The "Best Stuff" of Advanced RDi (4 MB .pdf)
  John Valance PHP presentation slides and sample code (11 MB .zip)
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OMNI Dinner Meeting Presentations

  Ted Holt 21st-Century CL (2.8MB .pdf file, right click to download)
Ted Holt SQL PL in a Nutshell (3.9MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Debbie Saugen New IBM i Technologies and Wine Make Backup and Recovery Better (5MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Mike Pavlak Intro to Python on IBM i (2.9MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Steve Will An Evening with the Chief Architect (13.6MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Andrew Clark Writing Cross-Platform SQL (626KB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Dawn May Introduction to the IBM i Navigator Performance Tasks (13.7MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Mike Pavlak Create Your Intranet On IBM i (2.4MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Mike Pavlak Introduction to MariaDB (3.6MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Scott Forstie Time Travel with DB2 for i - Temporal Tables on IBM i 7.3 (2.2MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Steve Will IBM i 7.3 Overview (20MB .pdf file, right click to download)

  Greg Cannella Create IBM i PHP Dashboards with RPG, DB2, & Google Charts presentation and sample code (1.1MB .zip file, right click to download)

  Bob Cozzi The Modern SQL Language - Fun with SQL documentation

  Aaron Bartell Intro To Rails slides

Aaron Bartell Node.js: Building Your First App With Expressjs slides

IBM Linux on Power slides

  Yvonne Enselman Testing Tips and Tricks for Programmers slides

  Charlie Guarino Putting The Pedal To The Metal for Web Services on IBM i presentation documents on

  Brian May Enhancing Applications with HTML 5 and JavaScript, Organizing an ILE Application presentation documents .zip
Brian May Organizing an ILE Application sample code .zip

  Doug Bridwell / Bob Dunn Web Development with RPG & CGIDEV2 presentation .pdf
Doug Bridwell / Bob Dunn CGIDEV2 presentation .pdf
Doug Bridwell / Bob Dunn CGIDEV2 sample app code .zip

  Guy Vig CL at 7.1 and 7.2

  Scott Harris .NET C# with Visual Studio and IBM i

  Alan Seiden Warp Speed PHP & PHP Tricks for RPG Developers plus source code
    (5MB .zip - password protected, contact Jerome)

  Charlie Guarino, Business, Science, and Uses of ILE Service Programs
  Charlie Guarino, From STRDBG to the RDi Debugger
  Yvonne Enselman, CTAL-TA Quality Assurance Overview: Presentation Slides
  Scott Forstie, DB2 for i Application Development Latest and Greatest at 7.1: Presentation Slides
  Scott Forstie, DB2 for i Application Development Latest and Greatest at 7.1: Code Examples
  Mike Pavlak, What's New with Zend Server: Presentation Slides
  Mike Pavlak, PHP and Mobile First: Presentation Slides
  Shay Howe, Front End Legos - Better Design with Reusable html and css
and other resources for CSS testing and finding unused styles...
  video: Automating The Removal of Unused CSS

  John Valance, PHP Beyond the Basics: Presentation
  John Valance, PHP Beyond the Basics: Code Examples
  Chip Milosch - Why NOT Electronic Document Handling?
  Robert Swanson - Javascript 101
  Jim Ritchhart - Data Centric Architecture for SQL
  Jesse Gorzinski - Time for a Change: An Overview of the Next Generation of IBM i Access
  Charlie Guarino - Web Services for your IBM i
  Joe Hertvik - What's New with IBM i? Future Direction
  An Intro to HTML & CSS
  Quality Development with HTML5 & CSS3
  Power Systems Trends and Directions
  What's New with CL These Days ... and Anything Else You Want to Know
  DB2 Hot Off the Grill!
  PHP Toolkit Examples
  What's new with Zend Server
  SQL Beyond the Basics
  HTML: Web Building Basics for RPG programmers
  PHP on i - "the stack", Web Security, Programming & Applications
  IBM Power Systems p AIX/UNIX/Linux Virtualization Basics
  Dynamic Infrastructure: IBM Power Systems & Virtualization
  Virtualization Benefits
  File Processing using PHP on IBM i
  Function Junction
  Getting Started with PHP on IBM i
  Getting Started with APIs from RPG
  RPG User Defined Functions & Table Functions
  Consuming Web Services from RPG with HTTPAPI
  PHP Arrays for RPG Programmers
  PHP 101 handout
  Zend framework handout
  Pimp my i - Extreme System i Engineering
  Moving from DDS to DDL
Management Central 1 from Tom Duncan
Management Central 2 from Tom Duncan
Management Central 3 from Tom Duncan
  ILE Concepts for the Impatient RPG programmer from Scott Klement
  Pattern to Good ILE with RPG from Scott Klement
  Handouts from Linda Cole
  Answers from Tim Kramer
  IBM Systems Director Navigator for i5OS
  System i Navigator Tasks on the Web
  What's New on System i Navigator
  Choosing i5/OS Disk Storage
  Getting Ready For V6R1
  i5/OS Data Encryption
  i5/OS Hosting
  Systems Management Where Do I Start
  SQL Stored Procedures & Functions on iSeries Presentation Handout
  Web Services on iSeries Presentation Handout
  WBI Server Express 4.4
  Introduction to NET
  Systemi5 & i5OSV5R4 Overview
  V5R4 Client Integration: Get To The Web Fast With iSeries Access For Web
  PDM/SEU to RSE/LPEX transition (PowerPoint)
  PDM/SEU to RSE/LPEX transition (Full PDF)
  PDM/SEU to RSE/LPEX transition (Small PDF)
  PHP and System i
  The Ins and Outs of XML and DB2
  SOA for System i (Approx. 9MB)
  HATS v7 Presentation
  Qshell and OpenSSH: Winning the Shell Game
  Power of the Portal
  DB2 Web Query
  DB2 Performance
  PHP and MySQL
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Previous OMNI NewsLetters

  August 2011 - Omni Technical Conference 2011 is the Final Salute to IBM Oakbrook!"
  September 2010 - Omni / WMCPA Golf Outing & Dinner Meeting w/ Steve Finnes, Larry Bolhuis, Jim Oberholtzer; Guy Vig on "What's New in CL..."
  February 2010 - Oakely Masten on Macintosh 101
  January 2010 - PHP on i Pizza Party with Matt Gross, Jerome Hughes, Pat Lavan
  June 2009 - Social Networking for Business - FVCP's Eric Michalsen, Dave Ross, Frank Dobner, Tom Rogers
  May 2009 - Larry Bolhuis… System i Access Data Transfer Tips & Techniques; Pimp my i - Extreme System i Engineering
  March 2009 - Tom Duncan... Management Central
  January 2009 - Alison Butterill... IBM i Developers Road Atlas; Moving RPG to SOA: A Step by Step Approach
  November 2008 - Richard Dolewski... Enterprise Backup & Recovery Techniques for the 21st Century
  October 2008 - Day of Education 2008
  September 2008 - Kent Milligan... V6R1: DB2 for i5/OS: Hot Off the Grill
  July 2008 - OMNI Golf Outing 2008 at Oak Brook's Willow Crest
  May 2008 - Mike Pavlak... Control Language Features for the 21st Century
  April 2008 - Linda Cole... IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform for System i
  March 2008 - Tim Kramer... System i Navigator in V6R1
  November 2007 - Day of Education 2007
  October 2007 - Seven things to do with the System i before you die
  August 2007 - Jackie Jensen presents IBM’s new DB2 Web Query for the System i & DB2 UDB for System i: Performance Tuning
  June 2007 - Portals, Content Management, Business Intelligence and SOA
  May 2007 - Qshell and OpenSSH: Winning the Shell Game
  April 2007 - WebFacing Deployment Tool with Host Access Transformation Services Technology (WDHT)
  March 2007 - Building Business Flexibility with SOA on System i
  February 2007- 19th Annual Omni User Technical Conference
  January 2007 - RPG IV: What’s New in V5R1 to V5R4
  December 2006 - Migrating from SEU and PDM to WDSC… and Beyond!
  November 2006 - XML on the System i
  October 2006 - Omni’s Fifth Day of Education
  September 2006 - Three of a Kind: Omni User Demonstrations
  August 2006 - Eighth Annual OMNI User Golf Outing
  July 2006 - Migrating from PDM and SEU to RSE and LPEX
  June 2006 - Disaster Recovery Planning
  May 2006 - V5R4 Client Integration: Get to the Web Fast with iSeries Access for Web!
  April 2006 - On Demand Business Collaboration with Portals
  March 2006 - On Demand Business Collaboration with Portals
  January/February 2006 - Introduction to 802.11 WLAN
  November 2005 - The State of the iSeries
  October 2005 - WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Server Express: Sreeni Angara, Solution Architect, Mercury Consulting
  September 2005 - Web Enablement Using HATS
  August 2005 - Building Web Services for the iSeries
  July 2005 - Omni Golf Outing 2005 at Tamarack Gold Club
  June 2005 - SQL on iSeries – Concepts and Implementations
  May 2005 - i5 Virtualization and LPAR
  April 2005 - The Top Ten iSeries Security Exposures
  March 2005 - March not-a-Dinner OMNI/interLUG Meeting at COMMON, downtown Chicago
  February 2005 - Enterprise Application Modernization and Beyond with Trevor Perry of Clear Technologies
  January 2005 - OMNI Winter Day of Education: speakers including Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, Luis Gonzalez-Suarez, David Money, Joe Pluta, Tim Mossing
  October 2004 - What’s New in DB2 with Mark Flora
  July 2004 - 6th annual OMNI Golf Outing Recap Tamarack Golf Club in Naperville
  April 2004 - 3rd Annual OMNI Spring Day of Education
  March 2004 - Real Life iSeries RF Experiences - Why and How
  February 2004 - February Dinner Meeting on UCCnet by Al Grega – Director of Business Development, LANSA, Inc.
  January 2004 - Introduction to Webfacing: A Practical Example by Dave Money
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OMNI 2011 Technical Conference

  Jerome Hughes - Zend Building Blocks
  Jerome Hughes - Zend Framework
  Scott Klement - Pattern to Good ILE with RPG
  Scott Klement - Consuming Web Services with RPG and HTTPAPI
  Scott Klement - Choices for Integrating RPG with the Web
  Scott Klement - RPG and the IFS
  David Gibbs - Email Security
  David Gibbs - Plug-in Development
  Shay Howe - HTML5
  Shay Howe - CSS3
  Dan Cruikshank - Building a solid database using SQL DDL
  Dan Cruikshank - Accessing SQL Functions using Rational Open Access: RPG Edition
  Dan Cruikshank - SQL DML & HLL Traditional IO Coexistence
  Dan Cruikshank - Accessing Non-Relational Data using SQL

OMNI DoE 2010 Presentations

  Alan Seiden - PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i
  Alan Seiden - Why use Zend Framework?
  Tom Snyder - Using Java with RPG
  Tom Snyder - Create PDFs from RPG using iText
  Jerome Hughes - SQL Beyond the Basics
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  2007 Omni Technical User Conference Brochure
  2006 Omni Technical User Conference Brochure
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